QR-reader doesn't work

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If the QR reader is not reading QR codes, it is good to check a few things:

  1. Does the reader react in any way? Does the scanning light turn on?
  2. Does the reader read QR codes on visitor cards?
  3. Is the screen brightness of the phone set to a sufficient level?
  4. Is the QR code too close to the reader or too large for it to read?

The most usual problem is that the reader doesn't read the QR-code from the phone.
It is advisable to check the screen brightness of the phone and make sure that the QR code is not enlarged too much on the screen, as it may prevent the reader from reading the entire code.

If QR codes on visitor cards cannot be read, it is good to check the QR code itself to ensure it is not blurry, too small, or overlapping with other text

If the reader does not light up and does not react when a code is shown,
1. Check the cables to ensure they are properly connected. In some cases, disconnecting and reconnecting the cables may help.
2. Restart the machine.

It is also a good idea to check the cables if the reader is attempting to read but nothing happens. USB cables can be a bit finicky, and even a slightly loose connection can prevent proper reading.

If the problem still occurs, please contact Systam Support.

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