How to invite visitor

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To invite a guest in advance, there are several methods available, such as using RespaManager or sending a calendar invitation.


Log in to your company's RespaManager page and select Visits - Plan a visit from the top menu. Depending on your user level, you may have different options.

After choosing to Plan a visit, fill in the required information, including the date, time, visitor, and recipient of the visit (depending on your user level). Additionally, you can fill in any additional information that may be relevant for your company.

If the visitor's information is not already in the system, meaning they haven't visited before or their information has been removed, you can select "Create New" or "File import"

Once all the relevant visit information is filled out, click on "Save Visit" at the bottom.

To invite a guest using calendar integration, you can create a new meeting using Outlook, Gmail, or any other email service. Follow these steps:

Open your calendar application (e.g., Outlook, Gmail).

Create a new meeting or appointment.

Fill in the required details, such as the guest's email address and the date of the visit.

To ensure that the visit details are also captured in Systam's Manager, add a separate invitation address for your company. This invitation address could be in the format Please check with your administrators or front desk personnel for the specific invitation address for your company.

Send the calendar invitation, and it will be delivered to the guest's email inbox.

When the guest receives the calendar invitation and accepts it, the visit information will be transferred to Systam's system, creating a new visit. The guest's name will be derived from their email address, following the format firstname.lastname.

Using calendar integration simplifies the process of inviting guests, as the visit details are automatically captured and synced with Systam's Manager.

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