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If a new visitor is added to the service via a calendar invitation, their information is automatically retrieved based on their email address.

Retrieving and formatting information:
For a visit created through a calendar invitation, the recipient of the visit and the visitors themselves are obtained based on the email address.

If no visitor information is found in the system with the provided email address, a new contact is created using that email address.

The visitor's name is primarily determined based on the common name associated with the email address. The common name is the visible name associated with the email address, for example: 'Matti Meikäläinen'.

If the common name is not available, the name is attempted to be formed based on the email address.

This is only possible if the email address contains dot-separated strings in the beginning, such as '' > 'Matti Meikalainen' - parsing OK.

'' > 'Matti Meikalainen' - parsing OK.

'' > 'Meikalainen Matti' - parsing OK, but the names are reversed in the database.

'' > NOT OK, name cannot be obtained.

'' > parsing OK, but the name in the database will be 'Myynti Osasto3'.

Visitors whose names cannot be derived from the email address are stored in the system with only the email address. In such cases, the inviter is asked to provide the necessary information about the visitor.

The visitor's company information can be obtained based on the domain information.

The system attempts to retrieve the Company information for the visitor based on the email address. This is done using domain lookup, which determines the owner of the email address and makes the best guess about the company.

Owner information is not retrieved for commonly used email addresses, such as

Sending a summary:

The system sends an email to the inviter with a summary of the added visitor information and a link to complete the visitor details if needed.

A modification link is not generated for office hotel locations.

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